Right before ‘Passover 2016‘ we see discrimination

and inequality, if allowed to continue as it has been…

and we (the rest of the whole world here) had better

sit up… stand up and pay attention or it is an omen,

for the last seven and a half years we, as a country,

have given more respect to those we fight than allies…

Israel has been an ally for many years, and we just

lost a 28-year-old US Army Vet in Tel Aviv, to realize

martyrdom wears a different face than it used to wear…

now a face with a political agenda and a religious bias,

and if ‘Peace‘ is the ultimate goal we can learn or even

to know as coming from religion itself… seems so pious.

When definitions change, in front of our eyes, is when there is something afoot (in preparation or progress [even thought of as progress or progressive, asserted effort]; happening or beginning to happen. Take the very word ‘martyr’ and see what I mean…

can you say ‘Hubris,’ I know you can!?! Originally, the word implied one was killed for what they believed but the meaning of the word has been highjacked [bastardized/corrupted] to include someone willing to die… and kill as many (innocent victims) as they possibly can.

martyr: a person who is killed because of their religious beliefs.

In Wikipedia, the online Encyclopedia, Martyr is now defined (1) by what it meant (originally) and (2) by what it also implies today.

[Please note the very first sentence and the third one… as these describe (1) and (2) above respectively, and the latter bears with it a dire consequence to our days ahead. Also look at the meaning of the word listed below the opening statements.]

I’m including three (very) different views by different media sources below to the attack in Tel Aviv, happening on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016, and how one calls the soldier killed 28 and another 29-years-old. I think the last article expresses more of a view we should have been seeing all along [for the last 7.5 years] with a Nation we have called ‘our friend and an ally.’ Does multilateralism regulate [American] hubris, as President Obama told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg or has he simply given America over to policies of the UN for the UN? No different than Clinton has in mind to do, I expect!

New York Post

CNSNews.com a division of the Media Research Center

The Times Of Israel on line