How does Hillary,

who should be in a pillory,

stay so damn strong?

I keep on thinking,

the USS Pueblo sinking

by such divulgence so long!

This was so sensitive

and proves to be remonstrative

of a lack for concern being wrong!

Just stay in your car…

lowering now high the bar

as apathy looks for her prong.

Go on, hide your head,

your almost there… half way dead,

let your laughter fill the song.

It was just, simply, classified…

not justified, be not certified

to care so little if we hang.

#F—PARIS, it’s not to late,

NARAL throws in its weight…

hate fills the cup with its tang.

To gain President Obama’s support is to believe we need to continue his programs. Since he continued President Bush’s policies… do we really need more of this crap- nothing CHANGED when Obama took office- globalists led the way. Bush belonged to the CFR and the Clintons do too. It was the CFR (and look under their Membership [through the link] to notable board members) that gave us (all) the UN… so keep supporting ‘no change at all’- as if we deserve what we’ll get! Just remember, Nixon took us off the gold standard… and Obama dislikes Israel- hand in hand we walk the plank of our own creation.

By the way, I worked in a “Secret” information area of the ship (in the US Navy)… only due to the disclosure of the USS Pueblo being captured during the Vietnam years. If that vessel was not captured, I would have worked with “Top Secret” information- sensitive to these things being close to heart and home!