To proudly proclaim supporting: NARAL, Planned Parenthood and Women’s Rights… these days is questionable. Look at the flap that developed over the Super Bowl Ad, by Doritos, when they had the nerve to show ‘a human fetus being humanized’ as if it would (coming out of the womb) desire what Doritos is selling us– the humans watching ‘the Big Game’ itself. I think Naral’s reaction to it is the problem… and to see who they link with after the Paris attack. The New York Post called NARAL’s denunciation of the Doritos commercial… the dumbest ever. Birds of a feather flock together… the old axiom said, and we might just be dumber still to support Hillary. I’m just saying!

Either Sec. Clinton does not care about the support she gains (if she says she would fight to eradicate hate) or she is not (aware) seeing a connection to ‘belief supports the actions we (say) are needed to change.’

Forget that (legally) Planned Parenthood could have: an obligation to provide DNA against any taking part in an illegal (sex) act with a minor, monitor the well being of those under their care… as well as being registered with a close local hospital as an ‘admitting Doctor (if something goes wrong)’ or should practice sanitation standards acceptable for any other medical facility with County, State or Federal Standards in place.

See the Ad here or the youtube link below.