The only thing getting old is us…

no matter what we face together,

the only thing that would make it

better, ‘a happy meal with lobster,’

it is you that keeps me young and

I have no regrets… a secret I’ll share,

there is ever something new to see…

to do or just to laugh at what we wore,

we have seen times good and bad…

happy and sad, these we did sure face,

and through it all, both great and small,

it is my honor to be beside you, my place,

I can think of no one else I’d rather be

with… even to care for more than you,

you put the quake in my earthshake…

no shrinking violet and forever true blue.

This is dedicated to Sondra Mix (my wife)… may we never forget to laugh (even at ourselves) or think of when we will get that next lobster to drool over. I love you Sondra… Happy Valentine’s Day- 2016.