The very point of dealing with (or without) the benefit of Hillary’s emails is understanding the questions which arise from them. Once ‘the State Department’ blocked 22 emails from being disclosed… the doubt(s) rise to be very telling in and of themselves. It is beyond the point of did she tell the truth or not… we now know she didn’t. If she is going to lie about emails… to our face and on the media (while running for the office of President), what else will she lie about– this is my concern. Is it yours?

As a registered Democrat, if Hillary gets to where she is the candidate… I will not vote for her. I will not be able to in good conscience, and do not support her passion for standing behind ‘Planned Parenthood’ as I see it as taxation without representation- a tax forced on the American people and no better than a highwayman fumbling around in your pocket without permission to be there. This (to me) smacks of the very reasons people came to this country… to find freedom from this practice. Equally true, the violation of my personal choice not to want to pay for ‘Planned Parenthood’ extends beyond just ‘the morality issue’ to distrust and disgust with: apparent lack of concern shown to legal (County or State) requirements, the right of transported patients being protected by doctors being licensed (also) at hospitals closest to these facilities, to provide patient care if something goes wrong and the lack of sanitation maintained at all clinics (?… being thought of as ‘a medical provider’). See these concerns and issues at this link here. This is being promoted by Hillary under the banner of ‘Woman’s Rights,’ and I see this as a misnomer, less than honest and overtly deceptive. Remember Jennifer Morbelli… Shady Grove does!

Is this really about the issue presented? You tell me!

Clearly CFR affiliated… and they gave us the UN!