If Hillary is the same, of the same cloth, then we ought to try to understand the scissors of the seamstress!

Is it enough to know Hillary is close

enough to Obama… to gain his trust…

‘she says’ but not then to wonder about

the doubt of emails and Obama as bust,

the UN being eyed (possibly) as a next stop

for President Obama, this clear connection

for Sanders to exploit… to be seen by all

Americans as but a nexus of such conviction

to be shunned, and the point of Sanders…

as with socialism, like: Fire Departments,

Police, Education (being socialized already)

or even ‘Social Media’ touted and represents

‘a clear eyed’ difference to disregard for

official documents and their handling of

import, things affecting the public, by belief

of country or its relief, as if given over above,

to place us behind or beneath the process

of openness devoid of deceit and denial…

if the FBI is investigating the corruption of

the values we once held firm, off to trial?


I have heard from some people, most might call intelligent, Sanders is a (gasp) Socialist Democrat- this is his ‘Moniker Du Jour.’ Funny, where it might be lauded over as a detractor (heard on CNN by a young Black man… pointing to his bias toward Hillary as his favorite in the Iowa [without the benefit of our own history being used] Caucus 2016) but we’d rely on ‘socialized services’ with: police, fire, Library and Educational Services without any cause to alarm or a modicum of concern- in this our democracy. As to Sanders saying he’d raise taxes to give us ‘a healthcare program’ without the ‘out-of-pocket-expense’ and we’d be alarmed… remember “Read my lips… no new taxes” and we got them anyway. I’ll say this, at least Sanders is honest in his attempt to be truthful, and I don’t see it as anything but open respect. You can handle this as ‘Confidentially’ as you want to! Equally funny… when do you recall voting on ‘NAFTA’ at all, as this was pushed down our throats by Bush Sr. and signed into law by Bill Clinton, in 1985. This makes ‘the North American Union (Canada, Mexico and the US)’ thirty one years old… right under our collective noses- both sides of the aisle complicit. Little wonder why we see all three countries mentioned in advertisements or why, once again, one car over another is proclaimed,”North American Car of the Year.”


How about ‘the snake in our midst,’ John Kerry… Secretary of State, and his,”The world is a safer place… ,” comment? Does this look safer to you?