To see Iran go unwarned… unspoken to, even to

disregard what conveyed clear violations to Treaty¹

is what speaks to our: ineffectiveness, object failure,

lack of US respect to its citizens and Policy, fealty

to: Duty, Honor and Country left abandoned by

top diplomats, a Secretary of State, seen ignoble

by some… to say nothing when: missiles were used

as a means to cause fear, Maritime Rules by noble

people (Mariner’s Law), Territorial waters, vessels

and sailors in distress (broke down) and treatment

rendered to them or against them, ridicule to deride

them with a ‘propaganda video’ made to aid abutment…

to show contempt for common courtesy or declare

themselves above the procedural conduct agreed

to… to throw sand in the works of this engine for peace

and cooperation, to throw a shoe atthe cobbler’s accord,

still… such stillness and silence speaks volumes to

what was done without ‘clear eyed signs’ of remorse…

there is nothing here being done to seek retribution

for ‘known violations of the signed treaty,’ of course.

The actions of our current administration, under President Obama… and his John Kerry run State Department, seem to grant ‘a favored Nation status’ to Iran and Iranian alleged (possible) violations to the very agreements we’ve recently signed with them. To hold as captives US Sailors, and then to make a video… shown on State run TV, is less than demeaning and more than friendly in its application. There is nothing flattering about their very recent activities, in two missile firing actions and (now) detaining US military personnel against their will. The bigger questions are,”Why did the US Navy allow this to happen and how did it happen, and if it was planned… who will be held accountable for this gross injustice- if we don’t condemn and seek penalty from those that committed the acts we’ve seen?” To think nothing has been said about things done against our people, being non-combatants, and then to show it all as if to brag about it… it leaves the ‘Diplomatic efforts’ just ‘a photo-op’ to bray over- especially when we have Americans in custody in Iran… still!

1)… my own opinion here, as a Vet!

This reminds me of “The Winter Soldier,” and the selling out of a man to an ideology… one not our own!

“The point of civilian control is to make security subordinate to the larger purposes of a nation, rather than the other way around. The purpose of the military is to defend society, not to define it.”

Richard H. Kohn

If what is listed above is not true, as stated by Richard H. Kohn, then we are (in fact) already: engaged in a war (without realizing it), failing to see the point of a theocracy… the establishment of a political system where the priests rule in the name their god, and the military in Iran is either operating with the blessing of the State or desires to go rogue.

The saddest truth here is we gave the uranium to Iran, under the ‘Atoms for Peace Program,’ through President Eisenhower.