Infighting is when what looks like

a power struggle between factions

is viewed favorably by the world…

watching combatants bare intentions,

this is an ‘unCivil War,’ the play and

act we watch depends on our seats,

this ‘play’ conducted for mediocrity…

for the delusional, climbers with cleats

for the ice of the minds they’d melt,

the frozen wastelands of denial impede

true gain, if gain was a suggested goal,

and leave us from this melting recede

but leaves exposed land far from truth…

far from reality… far from regeneration,

this is the chaos spoken of by ‘the Bush,’

and Kerry knows the plans of desertion

as the goal to liberty failing, AWOL is

our own leadership, betrayal unsightly…

unsavory and dry in its taste, this is what’s

seen by the scene, waste lands insipidly.

According to John Kirby, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Public Affairs, one of the five word summations for 2015 is,”Bringing Peace, Security to Syria.” It just seems like such a shame the claim flies in the face of the truth… peace has not come to the region and this (though it may be a goal of the Obama Administration) must go down to ‘the Fallacy Files of 2015.’

Is this what is to be our fate… this type of ‘Peace’ and ‘Security’ for Syria too?

The right would say this… as killing still strains and taxes the region. Extremists (jihadists) still get charged for acting on the hate they hold in their hearts. Shariah Law is used throughout the world (or would be) if these extremists are successful… as due process would be denied. Who is the one to decide (then) what is right… and what is wrong (interpretational here)? Where are ‘Women’s Rights’ and ‘Women’s Health’ here: Candidate Hillary, President Obama or Sec. John Kerry? Can the Obama Administration (really) tout success here- as they would like to… and still be more than ‘the lame duckhe is? It does not even come down to what defines constitutional here, in light of differences seen in the US as illegal, and court battles (here) will definitely ensue.

[When vetoes can be used against blunting importance to ‘climate change,’ what else can they do to cause damage to impede changes to our Visas as they are; which enable terrorists to enter our country unrestricted by viewpoint or due process inhibited?]

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