The world is one, at this moment in human history,

that looks forward to a time of sheer relief, of peace,

for peace to take hold… the outlook is bleak, the

fulness of this perception so tenuous, war to cease

but for the actions of peacefulness to be seen as

less than dubious by our leaders, those convinced

they can recoup or retrieve lost land and esteem,

without regard for those in their path, so unfenced,

so there is nothing perceived to burst through the

ramparts of this quagmire… this geopolitical bull,

so damned refined and complacent… now ripe to

overrun from our own stupidity, push come to pull.

This is the ‘Christmas Day’ we have been given by the leaders of the world today! This is the new order come knocking, thinking they will cause the chaos, make the money and offer us the false sense of peace to humanity. The only problem with it… the masses don’t see the people creating the problem will be the same ones to say they can resolve it! The gain will be to hinder independent thought, stifle ‘freedom’ as it is known and monitor everyone to their coming and going… even to control the manner in how they would make purchases- ability to do so removed if you don’t go along with the program… theirs!

Know who you believe in… and why- your life ahead of you depends on it. God still knocks at your heart’s door, and will only come in when you invite Him to. Christmas has always been about the potential relationship between God and man restored, deliverance to realize- even from what we’d think about life and the importance of it to those desiring to live life to the fullest. What is the most important lesson life can offer all of humanity… love, not hate, will win in the end!

This was originally posted at LinkedIn, Christmas Eve (around 10:00 PM).




The human race cannot afford to keep doing it the way we are… or have been guided to!