[‘Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium:’ Latin forI prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery¹’]

If it was to be found,

even relished as true,

that most people don’t

live as they’ve a clue,

to go on with such rude

and boorish behavior…

thinking them superior

as though there’s no Savior,

yet there was ‘a bridge of

sighs,’ iron maidens built,

tyranny of man’s goal is

shown… knife in to the hilt,

set free your hopes and

dream no dreams of surety,

peaceful is your existence

when water reaches cherty,

no pearl of distress… nothing

to grind the mind un-fought,

no freedom known or realized

when counted thus as naught.

1)… this saying is attributed to Count Palatine of Posen, cited in a work by Jean Jacques Rousseau, entitled,”The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right.” Another link with information about Jean found here.

Little wonder in the US… one state motto (New Hampshire) says,”Live free or die!” A good translation is,”Give me liberty or give me death!”