Images of support… throughout the world

rallied the colors of the French flag…

what makes me nauseous is not the images

of this terror, the thing that makes me gag

is knowing there is one country slighted…

even unconcerned with by worldly slag…

what about the land and people of Israel?

There is an abundance… an outpouring

of love shown Paris in their own dark night,

people rally behind her, stymied, to perceive

the brashness of her onslaught, her plight,

pledge concern to the victims, take a stand

and proceed to victory doing what is right…

what about the land and people of Israel?

There have been no scuds… no rockets

to which would kill: a Brother, Mother, Child…

there have been few the incidents throughout

the world as repugnant or thought so wild,

the rest us us need to understand what is

going on, happening every day and tiled…

what about the land and people of Israel?

When the French President declared war¹… is the turning point in a war for the mind. What we need to see is the sameness… the similarity (the exactitude) of how the people in Israel feel. In the US, we need to understand we give Hamas money (fund the efforts) which is most telling- more so than fighting ISIL with a tap-dance. When the US went into Iraq and created the vacuum… and continues to fund the ‘terror group’ by ongoing funding² and continued policy- both parties in the US are complicit. When we fully understand is when we can do something to stop the terror or we feed it- not just to watch it grow but worsen.

See an article here³, from Haaretz ( to get a different take on what happened in Paris… to Paris- and also the world. Israeli intelligence did notify the French… still this happened!