Friends don’t change on each other,

if they’re really friends at all, the sight

of all they might go through, together,

requires us to go thru night and light,

the sweet and sour of of life and the

paths we will choose calls for strength,

there will be days we face… the length

of hurt feelings past lead us to breadth,

misunderstandings happen… and they

happen frequently but friendship secure

leaves no doubts… no need to explain

one’s self over-and-over and does endure,

this is what type of friend is valued higher

than the sunny day variety… the good time

buddy or the one seeking crumbs from the

table, the sponges of happenstance, grime

from the wheels that seek to grind us all to

pieces… should we allow them to succeed,

friends would never force each other to then

bicker… petty things greater than we’d plead.

There will be bumps in the road but 'friends' should reach the destination (intended) together.

There will be bumps in the road but ‘friends’ should reach the destination (intended) together.

When it comes right down to it… friends are the last people you would want to turn on you- if you are in a state of friendship with them at all. This condition of a supportive nature (normally), and an integral part of most people’s support network, should never be hampered by the trivial things that would impede this condition of unconditionality- or doubts arise to question if there was ever friendship known at all. Help should never be the reason to second guess anyone, either asked for or offered, as that is what friends do for one another. I would definitely rather risk being hurt… being misunderstood for what I’ve done than react with a hardened heart against one I call a friend.

Since I detest mind games, thinking them more common to shallow people striving for undue attention, if people stoop to using them is when I would walk away from them. What I will not do (by choice) is jump to conclusion(s) or assumption(s) about what a friend has done- without first asking them or (even) testing what they said against what was done. It is good to find out what kind of friends you have… not just assuming they are one way and not the other. Stand by what you say (if you mean it)… and don’t waste your time and mine with trivial endeavors. Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No,’ or be no friend of mine- not one seen of any quality at all. The worth of true friendship is seeing it flourish (still) despite issues that surface- no matter the cause or reason for the perception of irregularity.

Images are from here, and I owe my friend (Belinda Borradaile) an apology, for my: issues of an old browser, an inability to control the outcome expected vs. what seemed like a slap to her character [completely unintended] and time to see the error of what I’ve done is stated (plainly) in public and full view. You can criticize me for actions as they may have seemed unbecoming… if you will but don’t doubt the friendship we have developed over these years has been sincere.

If it comes down to money over friendship... I choose friendship!

If it comes down to money over friendship… I choose friendship!