I can think of nothing more exciting, for me… as a writer, than to gain the advantage of another medium than simply being in print- or having your words in (strictly) a book format. As the Moody Blues called one of their albums, I’m on ‘The Threshold of a dream.’ God has given me a gift in having ‘a passion for writing.’ This gift will be coming (now) out in the form of an Audiobook, and is my book of political poetry, entitled,”Of eagles and ostriches.” This is being narrated by Michael Welte… to which is included on the new cover for this project. The original cover was created by a fellow named Scott Black- I met him on Red Bubble… long story! This cover was tweaked out by Vivian Gordon…  http://viviangordon.wix.com/justforyou so all are named and the stage is set.

This project should be ready early November, 2015, or mid-month. Take a peek!

On the threshold of a dream!

On the threshold of a dream!

I received this email today, Oct. 25th, 2015. Now the hard part… the waiting game begins anew!

Great news!

You have approved the audiobook production of Of eagles and ostriches.

What happens now

  • Your audiobook will pass through both ACX and Audible quality assurance (QA) checks.
  • Once it passes, we will let you know and begin distributing it on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. The whole process usually takes up to 10-14 business days, as long as there are no problems.
  • If your audiobook does not pass QA for any reason, you and your producer will be contacted right away with instructions for how to remedy this.