We can have no option but his…

when little Mike controls the fizz

of one’s belief, what he then sees

is what he wants to, despite pleas

to: do your own thing in your house

(should you seek to please a spouse),

find no fault from stealing my freedom

(to do as I see fitting God’s Kingdom),

and ‘Not to make your problem mine…

(secure your deficit with your own twine),’

for if you’d complain about it being ‘voluntary’

is to pursue an obligatory view of ‘honorary.’

The FFRF is at it again. This time it is attacking University Sports Chaplains… making the claim it is unconstitutional to do so. First, this is based on a false assumption… that the constitution (should) protect one from religion- NOT TRUE! The constitution protects one from injury due to ‘religious persecution,’ and defends the right of the individual to believe as one sees fit. This means an individual has the right to believe as they want to… without butting in to what another believes. Not only the US Constitution but UN’s UDHR declares this to be true- or it is just an opening for anyone to use to go against what someone believes. What happens when we are forced to respond to a reaction… see the link to make your eyes open to the truth. Here is a link to another piece I wrote (different Title),“To bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.”

You can stay as blind as you want to... and live with the results!

You can stay as blind as you want to… and live with the results!

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[Below is an abstract from Wikipedia: Chaplain… under Sports]

[Sports chaplains consist of people from many different walks of life. Most commonly, the chaplains are ministers or full-time Christian workers but occasionally, chaplaincy work is done without charge or any financial remuneration. Often, sports chaplains to a particular sport are former participants of that sport. This helps the chaplain to not only provide spiritual support and guidance to a player, but also to give them the ability to empathize and relate to some of the challenges facing the participant with whom they are ministering.] This is not always the case, pro bono (free), and it might come down to contractual agreements made between the: Chaplains, Organizations signed with and the Universities themselves.

For example Chaplain Derrick Moore, under contract with Georgia Tech Athletic Association, conducts: Leading voluntary chapel services, giving pep talks before the games, making oneself available (offering) personal and spiritual guidance, and serving as a staff member for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Find the FFRF Manifesto against christian athletes here.

See FFRF ‘Freethought Today’ here, an article by ‘The Daily Caller’ here, and the home page of the NCCA (National Certified Chaplains Association) here. To see groups like the FFRF openly contest ‘free will’ to choice (you can still decide not to participate) goes against “Freedom to believe” and would truly be seen as an assault on freedom- with or without recognizing it to be so indeed.

Who designated this man to proceed with the bias he has... against christians and his own people- the Jewish people of the living God?

Who designated this man to proceed with the bias he has… against christians and his own people- the Jewish people of the living God?