By telling Gen. Petraeus not to do something (by his

use of email) and then doing the same thing…

it sets Clinton up for ‘the smear debate’ of her run

for President… no ‘spy Master’ here with bling,

there are way to many sparklies… the things that

catch the eye [our mind’s eye] of the general public,

for ‘We’ are the people that would vote to foist the

bigger issues with the smaller ones, don’t use a trick

and think it shouldn’t apply to you as well… if we

disregard her apathy to email, what else to fail…

her push for ‘Women’s Health’ issues a clue,

forget the hair color, unplanned parenthood her sail.

Put it all together (here) people... and see things clearly!

Put it all together (here) people… and see things clearly!

No they wouldn't... read my lips!

No they wouldn’t… read my lips!

What is it to set aside the importance of her misuse of emails but clear support for ‘Unplanned Parenthood,’ and the Abortion Clinic Supreme [paid for with US Taxpayer money… NOW] which does not: follow Medical State Code (rarely does a practitioner have access to Hospital use privilege), County Sanitation standards not met (for a Medical use standard of requirements) and this is support for ‘Women’s Health?’ You might as well go to an alley and use a clothes hanger… it is just as safe! Now with Planned Parenthood coming under fire for the selling of ‘baby body parts,’ there is finally a comparison between ‘human tissue’ and ‘human body parts’ absconded with for profit. What else are they not telling us? I say if they are going to perform ‘Medical Procedures’ then they ought to be called on the carpet for violations of: ethics [remember Jennifer Morbelli and Shady Grove], procedural violations [remember Dr. Kermit Gosnell… now in prison] and (back to emails) General Petraeus was not the only one here- now it is his ex-boss. See two articles on it here and here from ‘The Japan Times’ and ‘The Huffington Post,’ respectively.

Where is "the Dream" if life would be terminated... and parts placed on the market? Is this really about 'Women's Rights' or just a legal excuse?

Where is “the Dream” if life would be terminated… and parts placed on the market? Is this really about ‘Women’s Rights’ or just a legal excuse?