It is a ruse we do receive

if we start to believe

man wants to stop hate…

to be deceived by this fate

and think our laws are so kind…

could we be that damn blind

to count hate in man’s heart

should stop… to end by a start

to see the resultant fix,

a devilish turn… darkness to mix

up right from wrong, to mend

the tails of deception by end

and seal the closure to truth

regardless of our lacking such proof-

this is but simple to means…

to affect not wrinkled but greens,

the ones to falsely believe, hope

in what is started as truth, to cope,

ideally to draw in youthful ideals-

the young turned out strongly feels

by their need for assurance, desire…

to see them as I won’t… listening to a liar.

Who did you say you'd represent anyway?

Who did you say you’d represent anyway?

If we allow people to dictate by the standards they use (or follow) to go against what we say we understand about: ourselves, our personal beliefs or manner in which we would choose to do the things we do… liberty ceases to be liberty. If another would go against what you have said, for ‘honorable reasons,’ then is when what another feels is just a reaction to all you value. The emotive based response suspends rationale when Hegelian dialectics are used: thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis (a dog-eat-dog mentality) is the residual left us for what we know in the past. If ‘rationale’ comes from (Latin- rationalisendowed with reason‘),’ and ‘honorable’ means,’Following the accepted rules of moral conduct,’ then why would someone think immorality (selling of aborted baby body parts), bare naked greed (haggling for an expected price), and corruption exposed should be equated with honor?

Honor I

Let's read on 'Honor.'

Let’s read on ‘Honor.’

I say,”Let the wind be at your back and the bugs be real thin.” Any Biker worth his weight would not go against his own Family members- I inherited this jacket from a fallen Brother and in his memory (and as a Vet myself) I will not openly (or otherwise) support dishonorable conduct when I see it. The worst thing we can do in this life is lose sight of those that follow us (the next generation), and we must pick the fights or things we stand for… or we’ll stand for nothing ourselves.

Say nothing... be nothing, nothing worth following!

Say nothing… be nothing, nothing worth following!

Duck Dynasty Support Pose!

Duck Dynasty Support Pose!

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