Hey… you there, in the shade of the Chapel

of your own making, don’t accept it without

taking advantage of these: unused, unneeded,

un-abused… fresh new body parts on discount…

we obtained them without knowledge of the

donor, harvested and they should soon workout

the finances for the deal in the office, tout the

hands to work out the method, labor of the stout.

Some difference here... between 'third world' and our own.

Some difference here… between ‘third world’ and our own.

Can you believe the crassness of the people caught on tape, actually discussing the details of selling stolen baby body parts, and know the people that did this are being supported by US taxpayer Dollars- Planned Parenthood (on a good day). See the link to be aware of just what your tax money actually helps to support… people that would take great care to harvest the ‘baby body parts’ of your doing. All this is being done with the warmest of regards from our President, and his blessing upon it. In 2015 there is a push [Joint Resolution] calling for: Investigation, Defunding (Tax payer dollars) and now (with the alleged [highly probable] discussions for intentions planned for) to stop [ban] the sale of ‘Baby Body Parts’ by those from inside the Planned Parenthood Organization. Pick the video you’d want to see more (choice of two… or both) should you prefer a choice.

In the state of New York… and New York City alone, where there is an unordinary high amount of African American abortions performed. This comes from the ‘Summary of Vital Statistics (2012)’ where we would find this information below…

In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Where is "the Dream" if life would be terminated... and parts placed on the market?

Where is “the Dream” if life would be terminated… and parts placed on the market?

So I ask you… is it fair to say,”The Most Dangerous Place for an African-American is in the Womb.” This is a direct quote from Pastor Clenard Childress, Jr., and you can see the article here it comes with- about the beginning of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s connection with ‘Eugenics.’

Is there a difference to view here or are they both the same?

Is there a difference to view here or are they both the same?

With respect to choice [literally] and free will to decide our future… God grants us this freedom. What many fail to understand is this one aspect to the choice- God already knows who will decide [willingly] to accept Him as their God. Care for life, the life He grants you, and show you can make your own mind up (in the face of His omniscience) and not forsake Him through idolatry or idol worship. Protect your own as God has shown He will, making a stand for those He cares for- love is more than a feeling… it is a willing choice and those that value life will protect it at all costs. [This is an abstract from this article here.]

Such a casual lunch or dinner topic!?!

Such a casual lunch or dinner topic!?!

[This added July 29th, 2015, compliments of a Veteran named David… who thinks this might be ‘GOSSIP’] This was then (Mar 22, 2012) with a boycott against Planned Parenthood… and this is an article (July 24th, 2015) to raise the consciousness of any that would say they might ‘care for the living (and life itself).’

I think this cartoon nails the coffin shut. Planned Parenthood Tissue Mass harvested for "HUMAN" Parts!

I think this cartoon nails the coffin shut. Planned Parenthood Tissue Mass harvested for “HUMAN” Parts!

[This was added August 1st, 2015, compliments of lifenews.coman article with confirmation of corporations (with clout) leaving en mass.] Coke, Ford and Xerox want nothing to do with Planned Parenthood- even to insist they will be removed from Planned Parenthood’s website as listed donors. See the article here and know it is dated July 23rd, 2015. There were 41 listed donors on Planned Parenthood’s website… there are now 38- see the list of corporations that do support them… and watch for it to continue shrinking!

Put it all together (here) people... and see things clearly!

Put it all together (here) people… and see things clearly!

Newsweek and The Washington Post both caught altering (spinning) the information seen in the original videos (a politically correct whitewash)… see the article here.

Images from here and you can see this also posted here… with the full video in place (and know you have a choice of two now).

P.S. By the way, the title came from listening to the ACLJ speak about,”Butchered Baby Body Parts,” and I was not the first to use this analogy but I did recognize it for the truth it stated plainly!

No they wouldn't... read my lips!

No they wouldn’t… read my lips!

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