When a ‘Hero’ does nothing for his own (Veterans) and brags about it,”Is he still a hero?” I live in Arizona and feel like the vacuum of concern is as if I was living in a POW Camp- one where there is no one with the boldness to show what it means to: live as you would be thought of, shown the compassion needed for having served and not slighted by a ‘less than dishonorable approach.’ Trump that!

Truth is accomplished by heroes.

Truth is accomplished by heroes.

Let’s see, having: at least five crashes (destruction of government property… you and I paid for), Graduating at the bottom of the class (fifth from the bottom), avoidance to truth in details available to former POW’s and War Secrets, and a little history lesson on some that would squeeze the word ‘hero’ for their personal gain… and not yield the same qualities admired to those that also served. Voting on anything to do with Veteran’s benefits is less than any Vet I know could ever expect from one of their own ‘Brothers(?),’ and even the Communists chime in against him, see this article against him and his practices of voting against Veterans. Which version of ‘water boarding’ is the real John McCain’s view… pro or con? When POW’s disagree with some of the ‘facts’ we say we know… there is more left to doubt than security. The saddest truth here, for John McCain, is… if there was anyone one that ever had an increased chance to be shot down in the ‘Theater of Operation’ it was him.

Sometimes they have both,"Remember Pat Tillman?" A real Arizona hero!

Sometimes they have both,”Remember Pat Tillman?” A real Arizona hero!

What we are left with is a very striking and odd comparison… one where this is just as bad as what Jane Fonda did to our POW’s in Hanoi- turning her back to their: condition, national status as Americans, aiding and abetting the enemy (when she gave the list of people there [supplied by the POW’s] back to the enemy… ensuring physical and mental abuse [retaliation]) and flagrant disregard to their [Human Rights] well being. The enemy of Veterans having returned is: neglect, complacency to concerns and disrespect to conditions in which they live- sound familiar? Birds of a feather… as the saying goes! Still say you know what a hero is… I wonder? Remember the day Jane Fonda was honored, Hollywood’s glamor girl, June 6th, 2014. This is not ‘Support your local gunfighter’ here… it is supporting someone that sold us out- those of “Us” most vulnerable (captives).

Let's remember what a hero looks like... in Arizona!

Let’s remember what a hero looks like… in Arizona!

I’d call Pat Tillman an Arizona Hero… how about you? Do you know the difference between one who has suffered from events they (willingly) participated in and one whom we played ‘Taps’ for?

Russell D. Holder

A US Navy Vietnam Era Veteran

Image(s) from here and here (for Pat Tillman images).