Try telling someone against anything…

everything, historic or not,

beliefs are a net therein caught!

To those in the Carolinas, with the

shark attacks in the news,

we go to fins over young shoes.

To those advocating against guns…

to see them all abolished,

The Caliphate wants them polished.

There are more humans killed by insects

and drunk drivers today…

than difference to ideas we’d say!

It is now OK to be married… and Gay,

sodomy Laws out-dated,

Grateful Dead is Soldier Field fated.

Nixon vendetta against Jerry Rubin,

push did come to shove…

they smoke in Colorado woods above.

Is there this inner need to succeed,

on and on we would try…

constructive or not, authority defy.

Change... what is it good for?

Change… what is it good for?

A great man once said...

A great man once said…

Jerry Rubin yet lives… in the ‘American Spirit’, unbridled, unbroken- We are everywhere. Watch the movie ‘V’ this weekend (if your home), fly a flag for yourself, enjoy the fireworks (thinking about the Veterans who gave it all for you to enjoy your Holiday). Pig on some ribs, have a hot dog or two and maybe a ‘Moonpie’ and an RC.

From: guerilla theater, Yippies to Yuppies, self confrontational advocacy and amotivational syndrome… these were the days of living through it- today, it remains easier for married Gays than NORML [National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws] Americans who desire freedom themselves from irrational laws and a war (the Drug War) we lost. Sounds like Vietnam… a ‘War’ that wasn’t called one, the one that called those coming back “Baby-killers” (memories live on even after eradication John Kerry] is currently in negotiations with Iran, over nuclear weapons building plans… and uranium enrichment programs, and insects and parasites really do kill more humans than guns ever will.

Did the Fulbright Hearings give us clarity or clear one American over another? Does this avid interest in Marxist philosophy… communism aid you- a warm fuzzy moment this Fourth of July, 2015? If you are still confused over what anti-war time revolutionaries (or revolutionary thoughts) have done, look at this little list and see what you think then?

Jane Fonda

Winter Soldier Investigation

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee)

Abbie Hoffman

War on drugs

Weather Underground

Che Guevara

Allen Ginsberg

This is to be considered, by this Veteran… a Vietnam Era Vet, a ding to your social awareness- have another Latte and scone but remember one thing- someone paid for the freedoms you will enjoy this Fourth of July.

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things... as we want to see things!

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things… as we want to see things!

P.S. Check out this posting… from almost a year ago- Happy Fourth of July, 2015.

P.S.S. Here is one American’s view of another… agree or not!?!