I find many people that claim to be Eco-minded, saying they care for the environment. Well, what about caring for those animals coming from the environment… or those currently discarded by people; which were under a false belief they really cared. I have some really good people I know (personally) and they care for birds that are: no longer wanted, needed or abandoned. The Haven Rescue and Sanctuary of Kingman, Inc. is just such a place that could (truly) use your help: getting the word out, adoption of a bird they have [if you are up to it] or by financial means, i.e. donations, Bird feed or pure interest and direct involvement. Even helping to share this post will translate into more recognition for the folks running this ‘Not for Profit’ business and exposure to a cause worth considering. All the information you need for contacting them is available below. I really do hope the video will touch your heart… and pull on your heart strings.

A Haven for unwanted birds... Large ones and small

A Haven for unwanted birds… Large ones and small

Here are a few of the many great birds, see below…

Bird I

another feathered friend...

another feathered friend…

Whose your buddy... whose your friend?

Whose your buddy… whose your friend?

Open declaration of mission and heart... for our feathered friends!

Open declaration of mission and heart… for our feathered friends!

Here is another of those birds at the sanctuary, see below…

This is Gurty, Blue and Gold Macaw.  She has been with us a few months now.  Starting to grow back feathers slowly.  She is 19 Years old, Just a young pup in the bird world. Posted by Bird Haven Rescue and Sanctuary of Kingman, Inc. on Sunday, May 25, 2014. While you’re there on Facebook… click ‘Like’ and help us spread the word along. There is also more to read and be informed on through their Yola site, seen above and available here, at ( http://www.birdrescue.yolasite.com/ ).

This will afford the Haven a great many improvements- like completion of the outside cages (see below).

Here is the impetus of aid (financial) and donations put to work.

Here is the impetus of aid (financial) and donations put to work.

Any financial help would be greatly appreciated… and you have no idea just how many there are- some will break your heart. Won’t you help someone that could really use it… someone standing in the gap and doing what others are unwilling to do?