Where is the sense of outrage

to the oppression of Israel,

for the persecuted church or

for their images so visceral,

to the Moslems in the path

of destruction… sure included

and slighted by those silent

and belligerent, so occluded,

if one stands against the action

it would not matter by who…

unless it is to show true signs

of approval until its through.

For someone to take the position that it is not OK for God to do what man is now (openly) doing- this is not nor will it ever be neutrality by nature but an openly clear sign of endorsement. There is nothing to be more naked in appearance than hate for the rest of humanity one would so strongly oppose.

Job 8:13 KJV


13 So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite’s hope shall perish:

"The Jewish misfortune cookie." If we should slight the lesson given us then injustice is that which will rise to choke us all.

“The Jewish misfortune cookie.” If we should slight the lesson given us then injustice is that which will rise to choke us all. Just click on the image itself to get a better view!

If I had to call the image anything at all… it would be,”The Jewish misfortune cookie.” Yes, misfortune befell the Jewish people, and sometimes it was self aggravated, i.e. from a result of pride, rebellion to God’s desires over their own, actions they took as a people, not listening to what God told them to do (often for their own benefit)- slighting the importance of the moment or the gravity of the situation in which they were positioning themselves. Sometimes, it had nothing to do with what they did… and it came down to who they were.

The biggest misfortune we face today, placing the irreverent views now firmly on the rest of us, is to disregard the suffering of God’s own people of Israel (a vital part of human history) and not thinking it is important enough to: speak out when injustice is seen, take a stand for the values one says they have or believe in. To remain silent in our complacency is to  assuredly welcome this event as inevitable to scar the memory of humankind by seeing it happen again- spawned by our own arrogance and ignorance to consequences of our inaction or actions favoring it as a sound determination.