It should be understood, firmly, where and why this same thing [The Holocaust] can been seen as more than a human tragedy… for what: nationality someone is, how someone believes and the attempt to dominate one class of people over any other. This should NEVER be allowed to happen again… in human history but the Bible tells us it will happen again. Prophecy is but one of the many facets to the message the Bible tells us, about: life, love, how to live and how to live better despite our conditions we must face. Even today in the Middle East we see the rise of persecution beginning to take hold of our news… and we risk being desensitized (inured) to the truth of what is happening to real people.

The disregard for women and their children... is evident in the actions taken.

The disregard for women and their children… is evident in the actions taken.

I would strongly recommend going to this link (Sponsored by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) and see the clip, in honor of April 16th, 2015, called Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Rembrance Day. You can also get a free download, a 24 page booklet at this link here… entitled,”Never Forget Never Again.” You might have to signup prior to the download but it will be well worth your effort. Shalom!

We cannot afford to look away!

We cannot afford to look away!

The sign over Auschwitz read,”Arbeit mach free,” and meant,”Work makes (you) free.”

Auschwitz was the first nazi concentration camp in occupied Poland. This picture from

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