[This is a second in a series of two]

What does it mean,”to be in another person’s shoes…

living a life of color, and being discriminated against

and racial injustice,” the resulting thrust of true concern…

this is what Howard Schultz is wrangling with… bothered

by, this is more a ‘societal stabilizer’ in the wake of places

and events like: Ferguson, New York and others as well,

healing is the goal… awareness is the medium, 80 million

people drinking ‘Starbucks’ Coffee in any given day… ‘the

skin in the game’ is when more people think about bigotry.

The focus of this has been the negative reaction to ‘race relations’ in the US… and the sense that ‘awareness to the problem’ was looked at as a possible (plausible) contribution to the solution of it- or favorable steps to allow people discussions like this one. As long as there are some people feeling they are superior to the next… there will be perceptions of inequality… as long as there are actions taken to deny someone of their right to believe one way or the other… there will be injustice! If but for a moment, even a moment carrying a cup of coffee, people can begin to grasp ‘racial concerns are human concerns’ then Howard Schultz, and the Starbucks’ campaign (#Race Together), will have truly created from his own personal feelings a pathway to aid a problem we all (still) face- being different. Being different is not the problem… treating someone as though they are less than ‘You’ is, and when we all realize this we will all be better served.

It is still my opinion we need to end racial bigotry or stop aiding the push for religious supremacy, either of these are mutually a deterrent to: world injustice, crimes against humanity, or the prevention of ‘Human Rights’ through persecution.’ This also adds validity and soundness of reason why we should not jump with our ‘first impression’ of any given situation, especially when it comes to: something a company or person does, thinking we know the purpose to what was done by what we see, or as a means to denigrate or down play an action for a negative assumption we might have or hold. Thinking the worst about anyone (even an entity) often shows our own ignorance to intention… neglecting our viewpoint as being assumed correct to begin with. No bias to be seen at all!

There is more to Howard Schultz than just the wood of indifference. This image from icycandyhearts.blogspot.com

There is more to Howard Schultz than just the wood of indifference. This image from icycandyhearts.blogspot.com

You can listen to the clip on this, by Howard Schultz, at this site here or watch here (I hope) below.