If in an attempt to evolve…

to grow… to initiate change,

Starbucks’s failure in campaign

‘Race Together’ will rearrange

what it means to ‘be hypocritical’

by response and ire it has drawn:

the chance for the rest of humanity

to groan from such a use of crayon,

to capitalize on perceived difference

and be indifferent to such a rake…

the resulting benefit of interest

but turned into a financial take,

or the inability of our own perspectives

to be turned back against itself…

to see no true or real concern, as

expressed, to gain from relief’s behalf.

Have we come this far… not to see true value in what is offered but to decide to view everything, as if we are straining at the gnats, with the sieve of understanding we would force the minutiae of any effort one might take- beneficial or not? It is a shame we cannot use the same microscope on our own smallness of viewpoint, we might take it upon ourselves to task, when we’d compare God’s love for us all, shown us in the death of Jesus Christ… for all humanity, vs. what we’d say we KNOW about God in the first place. How hypocritical the world itself is today… to see the peacefulness being shown us, in front of our eyes in the news, and call it good. Race relations have been set back by the minutiae of details we choose to speak about… but the greater harm is being done and found in christian [all races] and Jewish persecution throughout the world- and the world response is,”It’s OK and down with it.” Come Lord Jesus… come!

The '#Race Together' Campaign of Starbucks does nothing but draw ire!

The ‘#Race Together’ Campaign of Starbucks does nothing but draw ire!

The picture came from this link, a discussion with some impact on our own futility.