People party like there’s no tomorrow,

show no sorrow… masks all their pain,

people are born to die, living their lies

to who they are… just tears in the rain,

people act like they know all the answers,

asking no one… not even themselves,

people take so much for granted, except

what is wanted, all aches go to shelves,

people want what they want, leave the weak

for ghosts to haunt and lay the money down,

people say only what you want to hear… no

conscience, when downstairs made it up town,

people run in any race, read loudly any

line… then whine to wrap a soul so twisted,

people hoisted to ivory towers… so many

hours with time to bind those sooner trusted,

people waste their lives for less than most…

raise high the toast, tell all things are well

but people know misery loves company…

and many have trusted monsters led by hell.

Have we turned more to loath things honorable (to love it)… only to fall prey to deceit? If we deceive ourselves to what expectations we hold on to, so tightly, the reality we’ll behold might leave us startled from the pain we’d cause another- let alone ourselves.

Winston Churchill once said,”There is no one worse to deceive than ourselves.”

A great man once said...

A great man once said…