When by one’s liberty to claim offense to

another’s liberty to express their belief…

the very horizon to liberty is lost, and

what freedoms one had in the past will

erode and dissolve away… the notion of

what liberty was is left a: self centered, hate

oriented, morality hating bigot… the descent

caused by their own ingratitude, to decent

was it to hear the wrongness of doing, or the

liberty taken and assumed to be their own,

or for the sake of vanity to forsake it all-

no balance accessed but pleasure alone.

When but one (1) person can complain against another, even to disparage what they’d say… as if it would change the meaning of what was expressed, as a means to stifle their liberty- the (real) meaning of liberty is then muddled. Such as it is or may be, vanity has no place in an arena called liberty or it becomes ‘libertine’ in nature- a ship without access to its own rudder for direction. To even think this is what liberty is all about is when the very ideal of liberty has been replaced with a construct where rationality is pointless unless it is at the sole discretion of any individual to be bothered by what you’d say- to seek to remove and deprive you of your own individual liberty. Liberty without an absolute guideline, applicable to all, is chaos based and bias shall rue the day. What do you call directionality when no direction is sought? The fish might fall to the lure… but you don’t have to!

Are you that naive (naturally) or just that gullible (easily deceived)?

Are you that naive (naturally) or just that gullible (easily deceived)?