The fiftieth year of the crossing of a bridge,

this day in history… momentous, it’s true…

but what does it change but the perspective

of the one doing the crossing when through?

The day is as unsteady as the past since the

same issues [pockets] need to be turned out…

turned out to be seen for a perception tried

to inflame, to cause people unease, to shout.

To shout does not change things… this seen

in our past but to reach and grasp this change

is to stand for the change sought, peacefully,

and not give up until our sight will rearrange,

the giving up of the old… in face of the new

and not simply lip-service, new landscape

is where the horizon yields to thoughts fresh

and giving of potential, freedom’s full drape,

settle not for some liberty or it will be when

one is set apart… segregation again alive,

man has always wanted more… deserved

more, equally, to live and not just survive.

To stand at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge… historic and memorable- what happens after depends on our actions [peaceful… as in the past and effective] or not!

This image is from

This image is from

The bridge then...

The bridge then…

From John Lewis remembers 'Bloody Sunday'.

From… John Lewis remembers ‘Bloody Sunday’.