This will be a work in progress… and you will see it once it is started. At its conclusion… it will show [a finished work] under its description. I hope you will enjoy a view to ‘ink in progress’!


When the Yucca blooms

When the Yucca blooms

When the Yucca blooms is when calls of nature flourish…

there is no need to ponder longer than the eye to see,

marvel at the wonders God has created…

this found in a desert (American) called so free,

the desert yields us much… contrast to life is found,

here is where extremes come easy: cold and hot, sand or ground…

and there are many varied hands to view one truth,

mercy comes at once, overtaken, when opposed- surround,

environment is no weakness or reason dispelled for blame,

suitable to call something what it is by name…

there has never been an excuse to man’s behavior,

this too was his choice… his voice, nothing like… it is his to claim,

there has always been a choice… this is what ‘free will’ entails,

and to follow one’s desires (right or wrong) is what assails

the same lame excuse,”It’s who I am… It’s what I do”,

the pattern depleted of spirit’s worth… what one regales,

worth or worthlessness can be found out in the sand…

this from a State where the Canyon is called ‘Grand’

but to man’s activity… where flesh has come to mind,

to treat mankind as but a treat, a snack… a viand,

there shall come no pleasure known in scorching heat,

the desert takes its toll on those that might call it home,

there is but truth to know in these extreme conditions…

there is no in-between in nature, life or left to roam.

When the Yucca blooms is found the season, life known,

to produce means of procreation is the goal nature knows…

this is clear to all that see what they see quite clearly,

this the message nature reveals by living life that shows.

Thou hadst a soul committed to thee; how was it employed? in the service of sin, or in the service of Christ? To what nature do you listen to, the natural and the natural what or the eternal nature- the only lasting one to everlasting?

[a finished work]

The fulness of nature's bounty- the Yucca.

The fulness of nature’s bounty- the Yucca.