If there is more apparent a view

to the dichotomy of man’s character…

(influenced by God or not)…

it should be taken to heart when

seen in the totality of man’s treatment

of another, and where we should

place the emphasis of this under-

standing to bear on our own views!

Wrong is WRONG… from man’s perspective but from God’s perspective is care for His own and those that call themselves His (by virtue of the truth they know and their behavior toward others). If the monotheistic God is one God… why did we see the dipolar scene on the shores of Tripoli– one believing in the Hebrew God (persecuted and beheaded) and the other… you know? Can we not see Egypt and Jordan knowing the difference… and if you know the difference (Iran) set Saeed Abedini free!

An original cover from 1845

An original cover from 1845