In a Casino comes wealth and worry…

will I make the next hand or spin,

this is where life stops and chance

dictates whether loss or a big win,

for some… the weight bears down so

heavy and it stops being fun, it’s true,

but when we lose perspective the

dice seemed loaded… thru and thru,

find balance here and it’s best when we

can realize fun is but entertainment

or our view can be skewed to think we

must win… loss to cause resentment,

chance is fickle… where one loses and

another wins, sitting right next to us,

don’t lose it and think,”Why not me,”

before you treat others rudely and cuss,

find sights back to reality, our eyes open

as we look to what we do and how it is,

to know the better things in life, just like

Champagne, taste better with their fizz.

Wishing you the best this season can bring… Merry Christmas, 2014.

From a Blackjack Dealer’s heart, one proud to

work at the ‘Aquarius Casino Resort, Laughlin, Nv.’


A Casino Christmas!

A Casino Christmas!