Bottled with time… I contend I’m offended,

for without time I could relax, you see,

not so constrained or confined to its

measurements sure ticking… away with me,

there’d be no minutes or hours to sense

dire to loss or need found in each day,

my breath frosts and lingers through

seasons then warmth restored, I must say…

I never knew reason so well as I do now,

this is felt inside my heart’s walls I do room

but to be able to sweep time away, and all

the sands so consumed, I’d truly need a broom.

Metaphors… my plea for metaphoric glances at life. Is there a way to bottle wisdom or see we have held the bottle of thought longer than we’d benefit from it? I find humor is best to take off the pressures this life throws at us… and necessary from time to time (pun intended) to strike out with something humorous- and yet meaningful. Therein, we need not build a bottle to contain ourselves in or obscure our life’s measure to something built by our own hands or time we’ve taken, especially away from things and people we claim are important to us. Be thankful this day, Thanksgiving Day (in the US) Nov. 27th, 2014, for friends you have… family counted as blessings and the time to recognize them for the specialness they have and share with us- friends and family are true treasures we should be able to appreciate.