Marysville- Pilchuck High School…

scene of Washington States recent

shootings, by a student, a Native

American, as though he was absent

from what he was doing, there was a

disconnectedness seen… him reloading

without concern, just matter-of-factly…

targeting bullies of racial intimidating

remarks(?), a Football star turns toward

such hopelessness to resolve plight…

loss of concern for life… so fragile, a

mind determined to seek out twilight.

There is such a fixation on death, even to suicide… being an obvious conclusion to a life without purpose. If there is nothing about God: known, felt, experienced or understood… life will feel like a drudgery, and there would appear to be no outcome to fulfillment known from this life. We will see more of these types of event… the young don’t care if there is anything beyond this life- the world tells them there isn’t. The students have a secular school system to rely on… teaching secular thoughts to impressionable minds. This is the outcome we see- the impact of what was taught them comes from us! When a ‘good person’ turns bad.

[Please Note: the first reports came out thinking it was slurs that caused this. I think there is more to the story than that!] 

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