I have a little game to tell you about,

it is an old one… this is quite true,

it is a game designed to create a

stealthy person, one called,”Touching Coup,”

it seems it was played without bases…

no ball, and not even like ‘hide and seek,’

there was no correct time to play this

or wrong time, a game everyone could peek,

it comes by way of a friend of mine,

that lives in Oklahoma, an Indian game,

it was played by Native Americans [first]

and it is theirs and their right to claim,

the nature of the game is this, to ‘Touch

Coup’ one has to sneak up on another…

to reach out and touch them, where they

know they’ve been touched, Oh Brother,

it is a simple little game every child played…

to learn meant one found how not to fake

out someone but that they could then sneak

up on them without being seen, to take,

this helped young men to become hunters…

really good hunters can sneak up on prey,

it meant a lot to brag about… to lay down the

claim, the reason you’re eating is me today,

‘Touching Coup’ is a harmless game, and

we all know the nature of man goes astray,

when someone reaches out to harm another

is when we all rue the day turned so grey,

to blend in with those amongst us is where

ISIL now sits, in the open… and in our sight,

will we also let them ‘Touch Coup’ on us all…

or sit back and do nothing… thinking it right?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke

Reach out for your dreams... when equality leads to supremacy!

Reach out for your dreams… when equality leads to supremacy!

 Other than ‘Touching Coup’ is ‘Striking Coup’… there were also other forms of Coup: killing an enemy, wounding him, scalping him and stealing his horse or gun. As to ‘Striking Coup,’ hitting an enemy with your bare hand was considered the highest form of bravery. See more on this at this link provided here.

Does this go way beyond, “Tag… your it”? When society as a whole does not see a price on the tag they’re looking at, or does not see it as a price tag, is when the cost that comes to bear (for the drink we’ve been given) will catch people off guard- blindside them! This is ‘Blind Faith’ when we assume people meant what they’ve said about peacefulness… say what they mean when they tell you something and that we have understood what we have heard. People… test the spirit of what is said or told you against the fruit it offers you or holds in its hands- don’t just “ASSUME” you know what was expressed to you is true. To assume truth is not to know truthor we swallow the drink we’ve been given… thinking we know the difference between right and wrong ourselves.

Does this tag come with no description to the cost we'll pay?

Does this tag come with no description to the cost we’ll pay?