A Mother says sorry for things

done as they were done,

this comes as no surprise…

honest feelings of heart one,

“Can you ever explain something

like this?,” she asked the country,

“We are sorry.” The last word…

to tell all of her own fealty,

two attacks in three days by

converts, drawn in by hate,

rejecting love for our fellow

man… rejecting life his fate.

With the run of recent conversions to Islam… and the run of ‘radicalized-home-town-terrorists’ coinciding with each other, is this not the time to lay claim to the apparent truth we see? The strongest emotions, love… and it polar opposite… hate, have been misunderstood since time immemorial. To turn our head and deny either of these two emotions can create extremism… is to deny the capability of mankind to be loving or truly cruel. Please know love would have you submit willingly… and would allow you to go your own way if you do not.

The link is found here, on what one Mother said (about what happened in Ottawa, Oct. 22nd, 2014), and the respect given for heroism to Kevin Vickers, sergeant-at-arms, quite honorable indeed.