There is nothing more frightening today, as a parent should become aware of it, than to think WE are the one’s responsible for contributing to the possible risks of: harming our children, providing the opportunity to those who might desire to harm our kids… or much worse. This is what the current technology is doing… making it easier to find “THE NEXT VICTIM.” I can only hope it won’t be done by your own hand against someone you love… or say you love. This is “a WAKE-UP CALL” to the problems of social media, to become more aware of the awareness of others… and those who might want simply more than modest attention. How cute the picture is is of little relevance to someone that cares for someone to: rape, abuse or kill. I found another Blogger, and it is found in his post… a news article you must watch on your own to realize just how easy it has become to find someone to do something to! The next time you want to brag or boast about that cute little picture you just posted on Facebook or any other means… think about this post before you do it. Then think about this post if you did!

Stay safe… and keep those you love safe… safe from those that might do you or your loved ones harm. Food for thought!