Have we come so far… so far from our roots we don’t remember them or would think them just irrelevant to the times in which we live? Happy Birthday Air Force but to whom might you pray to for a successful mission… or for a safe return? See the inability we grant our own… coming from our own hand.

Below is a posting made to an article posted by the L.A. Times online, see it here

To make God optional is to take liberty as an option… so much for this anniversary day of the Air Force, and here is to yet another tarnishing of traditions ‘We‘ have secured by no greater loss than the blood of our own. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

“Forgive them for they know not what they do”©

The petition of Jesus Christ to the Father in

heaven can best be understood in heart,

the heart of Jesus shares His compassion…

a fashion of where we need to start,

this is the love we are to share if we do

say we believe in Him, to love our Brother,

even those who might do us harm [or worse]

and without conditions imposed on another,

this is how much Jesus [God almighty] does

love us all, that He gave His life for us,

to ensure we would not have to suffer the

fate of separation [eternally]… still we fuss,

and yet we bicker about ourselves as if it is

us that is important, our lessons unlearned,

for without God, in our separation from Him,

we would be no good… left as chaff to be burned,

as empty in substance, and hollow, not hallowed

as God the Father’s own children to support,

having asked for God’s forgiveness… being

delivered from our sins we would keep, import.