“Inferiors become revolutionaries in order to be equals, and equals in order to be superiors.”


“To revere the sacred and have disdain for the ordinary is like bobbing on an ocean of mediocrity”

Lin Chi


propter vitam vivendi perdere causas

(Meaning from Latin:”To destroy the reasons for living for the sake of life”)

There is a vacuum of power, ex ante is assumed to

be the nod of approval to push for its conquest…

and the it is what we see in clear view, contrary

to notions or thoughts of angst that will not rest,

within confines of the mind, heart and soullessness

of the practitioners to show no mercy or to avail

the societal normative thinking… peace to be so

near at hand but so far from the reality we fail,

when freedom is subordinate, a loss of choice to

be an exercise of free will, life is then also at risk,

to be known as against the straining force being

expended ruins the homeostatic peaceful task,

if not to gain superiority then what… what is to

be the bigger picture formed and lesson learned?

Is it not to squander life’s purpose just to be alive,

to live a meaningless life… a lie, we’ve been burned.