“Alas, I have studied philosophy,

the law as well as medicine,

and to my sorrow, theology;

studied them well with ardent zeal,

yet here I am, a wretched fool,

no wiser than I was before.”

Faust- Goethe


If, by logical deduction, the world began

by chaos… should we expect it to improve?

Even with a graduated increase by scale…

pertaining to ‘what’s natural,’ do we remove

the obstacles of thought, where thought

alone is the guide, finding us left the fool,

to think man has a ghost of a chance to

attain immortality on his own… small school,

it is the educated mind that learns there

is always more to learn… no summation here…

and to Faust the same lament lacked by

his own writing to tell us today, so clear,

for no amount of thought by reasonable man

is adequate without seeing intelligent design…

to think it will end well without God is a

place the soul goes without thought… to resign.



Below is found a writing to extrapolate on the writing above… and I ask for patience as to be found with forbearance before a knee-jerk rush to judgement. Is this not the same as you would request or desire from me? 



“A thought on intelligence and our educational system… if you can call it that?”©


Common sense, sensible thought and effort are required to be productively motivated. This is to enable us to embrace the opportunities God places in our path with: joy, love and peacefulness- and the coming to see this as a gift from God. When one attempts to deride the space and time of someone else, to show (openly a modicum of contempt) disregard for what someone holds dear, is this where we see education as a benefit? It is to clearly realize what is believed to be openness… is actually closer to narrowness of any benefits coming from what education was received or transferred to one unwilling to accept this as true meaning to ‘what it means to be social.’ If what one learns is not based on love… we shall see a less than loving response to any that might be: different, weak (young or old) or lack the stamina or wherewithal to sustain a reasonable and logical statement (some might call this ‘to argue one’s case’) to support their claims and why they believe one way or another.


Surely, if when one looks around today… there is no rationale to or toward what used to be called ‘common sense.’ What was once common (yesterday) is not the same as it once was… let alone what it was thought of to be- common. There seems to be more a blind reliance on ‘the obvious’ and even what could be called obvious (in the past) is not fully engaged or truly valued. In this regard and respect to education… our educational system has failed us. When what is called an education is lacking any of the fundamental skills needed for a person in any society to function,”Something is wrong with the system itself”- leading to a systemic failure by sheer design to the society itself… intentional or otherwise.


Sensible thought should be the ability to think things through and the manner one can approach life problems that arise daily. Without this ability we shall see an increase in: suicides, senseless and random illegal acts (which many might call a person so prone to be a product of their environment) to which is a cop-out.  The complete and utter disregard to and from the choices one can make vs. the choices one did make. What we choose to do can and will come with consequences to what action (behavior) we have decided to take on our own. To sense the truth… to know the truth… to experience truth this life bears is to be aware of others needs and the difference between wants and needs. Desire to help others achieve should be where we are all coming from… and, to me, where the truest meaning of success is to say we have then succeeded in life. I can think of no time when an insult is helpful, it only shows the lack of one’s experience to demonstrate kindness to another- hardly the embodiment of any training worth having if what is learned is ‘a-dog-eat-dog-mentality.’ This Machiavellian approach to education renders social skills to allow for difference null and void. This yields up our young for emotion based “problem, reaction, solution” mentality… the Hegelian dialectics used against people to conform to what was once hated is now the-ring-in-the-nose needed to make one conform to what is being pushed on society at large. Hegelianism  run rampant… and close to what Marx based his writings and philosophy on.


If this is what educational systems called ‘education’ they fail us to educate the masses but confine what is being taught to be used as the guidelines of social engineering. An expectational goal… by directing those unskilled not to think- simply to mimic the behaviors instructed without knowing why! Here is to understanding what is being done to the youth of the day… this is blind obedience to be known more as ‘the blind leading the blind.’ If you are as resentful to this same approach used on our kids then call it as you see it or remain complacent and just trust those who would do such a thing “FOR THE GREATER GOOD.” Poppycock! This is simply a means to turn our own children against us… against what ‘common sense’ meant yesterday to America.


P.S. I believe Faust had his sorrow come by learning theology for two reasons. The first was finding no satisfaction from it (finding out about the faults of man, mankind and himself) and, secondly, not understanding the emptiness man has comes from not experiencing a relationship with the living God (the Savior and deliverer); which is what the Gospel is all about, the ‘Good News’ to be shared with the world of hope, stemming from ‘The Great Commission’ laid upon christians to proclaim to the world.