ISIS… this is the elephant in the room,

the room called the world in our view,

to slight it is to deny it’s there… this

is to our stupidity and ignorance, it’s true,

the nature of a thing shows in the fruits

of it’s efforts taken, what actions it will take,

there is nothing left to mask intentions…

no more disguises to what it is, no need to fake

what it desires or will do to those in the room

left… don’t blink or even close your eyes…

there is nothing left to speculation when

and where we might say,”It’s no surprise.”


Just like when man tried to control what others believe, as during ‘the Inquisition,’ but this time… extremism is what many have pushed to see. Extremism is what will come to pass, as it is prophesied in the Bible, and at the point in time controlled by God… not man. History has already been told… explained openly, and no other book in Human History has ever done this with one hundred percent (100%) accuracy- this comes to man by the Spirit of God… the living God, the God of truth. When Israel starts acting like the God they claim (the God of love) as their own… then we will be closer to peace than ever before. Are we not all children of disobedience if we do not follow what God said to do,”Love your enemies?” Albert Einstein once said,”Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”


How can we understand something if what we tell others is countered once it’s told? Our President is at it again… the ‘Double-speak’ is worse than Bush 41- and he was a master of it… just like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

For all we ever stood for... lost!?! Even this has been foretold!

For all we ever stood for… lost!?! Even this has been foretold!