We are losing our ability to know

the meaning of awareness…

when we have been inundated,

saturated, by such clever madness.

Fear, fear, fear… the force impelling

us over the precipice of understanding,

shy of shadows, suspicions, we cower

and shirk the firm for flimsy doubting

of ourselves, and others, the things

once keenly aware of: right and wrong,

light and dark, light and heavy…

even love or hate, the spirit’s song,

so overwhelmed we cannot see the obvious

for what it is… the nature of the beast,

so disconnected from love as the guide…

what is true, leads vultures to their feast.


At a time the world would have us all be more tolerant of one another, where we should be so consumed by thoughts we might offend someone, and nothing (or does nothing by saying nothing) when people are being killed by hate-filled people- what’s wrong with this picture… one of disconnectedness?

Can we not see what is coming here?

Can we not see what is coming here?