When a snapshot in time

(what eyewitnesses might see)

is not enough to tell a story,


the shooting in Missouri, sad

when the race card is paid…

sadder, a loss to rally no glory,


Michael Brown… thief or saint,

tend the spot Rosa Parks sat…

still found ongoing in such fury,


disappointedness… this is the

light by which many will see

by, that which comes so blurry,


expose us not to this light…

let us overcome our suddenness

of loss we feel, chilled and hoary,


more to be said gained together…

sensitive to both want and need

are gathered hands in surety.


What is known… there can be no speculation left to facts, and for this to go National (even International) over the greater atrocities in Iraq (beheading and crucifixions) speaks more to generating headlines to fuel a problem than shelving issues left open and unsettled for years- in America or the world at large. Why can’t we just get along?