For whom the bell tolls…

this day for Robin Williams,

and remember kindly his

memory… death not villains

who would disparage what

a gift to the world Robin was…

and if one would ask you ‘Why?’

the obvious answer is, “Just Cuz!”

one of the best ‘improv artists’

the world has ever known,

to bring from within your all

you can and should give shown,

“Tears of a clown” can be

consuming in their scope,

depression is nothing to play

with… the skinny and the dope,

“Nanu-Nanu” will live with all

who will remember him… the alien,

the mirth-makers of this reality

and the applause, the mailmen.

The world is short one clown… a court jester of notable stature. You will be missed Robin! The laughter and the tears we will remember the most.