When we call it love…

Rockets will rain down on us

and we will let them!


If we are coming from the same God, what most would call the monotheistic God, then why does one treat another with such disdain… and those in the International bodies do nothing to: stop, impede or claim this behavior is wrong? If we have ‘hate crimes’ on the books… is this not the actions of and from hate, a hatred apparent to all that look on? Is the use of placing a child on the fence of the location where the rockets are coming from not reprehensible? Inhumanity is openly declared in the documents open for everyone to read but it is being allowed- for what vagueness of reason? Can we, as a country (the US) and an ally with Israel, not be seen any more less friendly to Israel than we are here or here? If peace is the goal… then we should present ourselves peaceably or we should call it as we see it to be!