Sally Kohn came out with a liberal

statement about Boehner and the Right,

now I hear she’s leaving CNN… on

the run… the fly and out of sight,

imagine the nerve of ‘the Right’ to

protest and sue in court… injustice,

not too unlike ‘Watergate’ back in

the day,”IRS-gate,” now that’s justice,

I guess no one will ride Sally here…

no rag doll to throw down and face,

the sting of Public Decision and clue

deciding the outcome and due disgrace,

Presidential appointments under faux

recesses, created to place in position…

despite legality… due process and the

protocol of the Executive indiscretion,

and this “IRS-gate” exceeds 18 minutes

of tape… Sally knew which more important?

Her disgust over suit vs. Republican or the

“can do it as I will” mentality so impotent?


Is that wind in her hair, as she puts it, in this ‘Ted Blog” and story found here. Now it seems she will turn out against emotional and racial equality before this whole thing is through. Was FOX correct in their over-reaching decision??? I would hate to agree with them on this one… but I have to!

(P.S. I’m a Liberal too!)