The toddler, an American citizen, sits next to

his expectant Mother in a Sudanese prison,

the Mother and child sit… waiting for the rest

of the world to decry her situational reason…

and the reason, when after she gives birth,

she’ll get one hundred lashes with the whip…

then be put to death just for what she believes,

barbaric… with Shariah law to so  equip,

the Mother, Mariam Ibrahim, sentenced to this

fate for being a criminal… a christian believer,

U.S. Diplomacy needs to rescue them or just

like Ben Gazi… hate wins over love, deceiver!


When will the value of life be more important than having someone accept what they do not believe is right for them (by their own choice)… acting from the hate of who they believe in or acting against life itself. There can be nothing more unnatural than a child without his Mother… removed by laws of man against mankind- against humanity itself. See what god desires this… this is not the monotheistic God people think it is- the same as the Hebrew God… the God of love and life.