To laud over Martin Luthor King  Day,

in the US, leads to such irony…

ironic the thoughts of the man to

raise racial and civl rights to equality,

here in 2014… with a Black President

in place… no equality is given to choice,

choice to prefer ‘pro-life’ or abortion-

to force it on us is to lose our voice,

foisted in appearance of our freedom

to choose, lost… and one man can prevent

a single vote on sanctions for Iran…

a veto proof vote denied freedom’s vent,

Harry Reid will not allow this vote to

even be put forth… placed on agenda,

denied the fruits of democracy… we call

this tyranny, a Nevadan, Libertine splenda,

there is nothing so unsavory as freedom denied

to those whom speak so favorably about it…

just think, ‘the American Dream’ and the

‘I have a dream speech’ to smell… not fit.

The title comes from a tweet by Iranian President Rouhani; which alludes to the world surrendering to them [Iran]. When we [of the US] went to the last diplomatic encounter and: forfeit the ability to hold Iran to sanctions (by removing all in place), releasing nuclear scientists we held (as hostages) and did not get fair release of those held in Iran [one an American Pastor… Saeed Abedini] and giving them currency for compliance to human rights… in their view- we surrendered! I say if Iran truly intends to commute sentences for some in their prisons let them free the Americans they hold… and if they don’t… strengthen the sanctions we need and break the deal that was brokered without our capacity to have the legs we need to stand from strength.

As to recent events, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif mentioned the word “Clemency” in a briefing but is this a maneuver to postpone being censured by public officials in the US- a ploy using lip-service and furthering the persecution of one American’s belief. I say let them stand up to what has been said, and signed on to… with the UN and the UDHR- or the Islamic version of it.

For all we ever stood for... lost!?!

For all we ever stood for… lost!?!