The group: Inked Profundity

Mission statement: The primary goal of the group is to advance the love

of writing. How we will do this is: accept writing from Authors (confident in their work or personally pleased) that feel the writing will present 1) insight, knowledge or thought that could aid mankind… by raising the  consciousness of individuals to levels beyond the work itself, 2) having the desire to reach a goal beyond simple accolades and direct the same passion felt for their writing toward goal oriented work: reaching toward the benchmark of getting published, submitting works to publishers of periodicals, and group support to that end, 3) and to also reach beyond the comforts of our personal space… to aid the communities we live in and promoting, actively, the idea writers will do no good for themselves if illiteracy continues to rise. The last mentioned is actually one of the most dramatic and important aspects to the whole group… by virtue of the fact that illiteracy is climbing in this country, and if we, as writers, do not put a local face to our words that students and people can relate with… then we will strictly be writing for ourselves. By going out into the communities we live in we might just spark a child to have an interest in writing themselves, aid in self promotion and advance not only ourselves of the ideas we write about but put feet to the floor and ideas to mind. This group will conduct seminars using: published Authors (within the constraints of practical application to goals intended and time allotted by people contacted), people involved directly with publication companies (as they can be contacted and nudged to offer insights themselves) and member contacts, as they relate to the mission of the group. Promotion of writing is the goal, and if you can wrap your mind and heart behind this end… this will truly be a group with the heart to reach out and touch the world with words. It starts with you… or the words will die on the paper we use!

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