Simplification, oversimplification and the

underfunding of the endowment of the arts,

this is what is happening as we head toward

“the right to understand,” a system left in parts,

comprehension to what is socialized dumbing

down of our society [at large] and in school…

it comes not from the study of the curriculum

of learning but the lack of study as a tool,

to know the hoe leads to a cultivated field

but not to learn of ‘the how’ in its scale,

the weight of measure used is the test…

not the use of the subject, here we fail.

In the United States we have been teaching to the test of a subject and ‘not the subject to be taught,’ leaving us with emerging members of society that have no clue to what they learned or how to apply it for practical use in their daily lives. Even worse, when one thinks about it [whereas most don’t] the billing of what is to be called “the topic” [even as applied to something for use on the society] is completely different than the believed or expected outcome- quite antithetical in the scope of its application. For example, in education there was,”No Child Left Behind,” or as some teachers called it ‘the Nickel-B’ [NCLB] and it has done more to wreck havoc on the educated lives of those affected by it. This is an abject failure… and if it is by design, the writing on the wall impels me to conclude the belief used stems from the axiom,”the end justifies the means.” Latent slavery to the people of the world is the new paradigm offered by such a criterion as has been used and established. Check out ‘the Patriot Act‘… read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions, worded almost the same as ‘the Terrorist Act,’ this one was placed in law in England [against terrorists].

How bad is this, look to how long after 9-11 ‘the Patriot Act’ came out… and how many pages it has. Can you tell me this was reasonable [judging on its scope of directives] in such a short period of time? Can you?