Tight is the night

to outlast the blight

of the stretching of mind

toward the noose in our sight,

it is that which will plead…

the emotions to bleed

for the reason to season the

young of this treasonous need,

forced and so subjected

to a will twisted, dejected,

where the feelings have wrecked

the bliss of innocence detected,

how much vile…

is then cause for denial

to course through your veins

and linger life long while…

stored and packed to the neck,

will it not burst and then wreck

the lives of all touched to

destroy the very dirt by its trek?

Such it is to face guile,

though it may come with a smile,

the cost to your life… long

the road leads to puke up such bile,

and there is no calm…

light breeze under palm

trees swaying to welcome you…

no, no hands on masseur with balm

to massage out the kinks left,

the rotting feeling by cleft

or the guilt of knowing it

happened to leave you bereft…

where in your heart is a hole,

a space dark and black as coal,

to what drugs never fill or

the desire to consume you up whole,

to chase the demon who did it…

to urge of killing that won’t quit,

it is that welling up from within

that you’ll face… tastes like sh*t,

it will overwhelm you of course…

leaving little to simple discourse,

nothing is simple- all too draining

by residuals left by the source,

screaming out a life long…

to think one doesn’t belong

among the breathing and living,

forgiveness will liberate… to make one strong.

How many more of our youth will we sacrifice to: pluralism [the “it’s all good mentality”], to declarations of accepting everything God hates [where our own hate is vented toward God and those saying they believe in Him- persecution] and then to call it tolerance [this is the current and growing world viewpoint,’Moral Relativism’]? If it is all good then liver and peanut butter milkshakes would be yummy! If hate was not seen as being used on those that believe in Jesus Christ [throughout the world] we would not know the times we are in! If the definitions to what we know had not been changed [political correctness] we could remain susceptible to the error of our ways… unless you are from back when this was not what was meant or intended by virtue of the very words themselves.

This reminds me of one of my favorite Abraham Lincoln quotes [found here], and please understand this writing is in the objective [not subjective] view… the distance between occurrence and today has taken a lifetime to understand. Of the four levels to any trauma [and I would add one more… confusion] or steps to go through are: shock, denial, anger and acceptance. This is what our children face with the onslaught of ‘gender confusion.’ If this sounds great to you… let it be.