The push and undue force has begun, in the US, to quell: thoughts of what we were [a land where freedom was well known and respected when our lives were given to its increase], notions of who we are [when any Veteran is turned away from a memorial dedicated to time or place they served] or to the ideals for which we have believed [rendered but a shell and husk of an archetype- a standard of freedom and tolerance being sought today to be surgically removed and ostracized]. When, during the Bush years, we started borrowing from a known enemy (to pay for a war against those who never attacked us-Iraq)… China, and the same practices prevail under another Leader we call our own, how can we not expect their influence or the influence of the world system to attempt and change our way of life? False would be the thought that everything remains the same… false would be the truth nothing has changed and false would be the belief such things like economics or policies affecting our lives could ever be shifted as “We” look on… or back.

Do you remember voting on  or for N.A.F.T.A., I don’t. The “History channel/” says Pres. Bill Clinton signed it into law ‘Dec 8th, 1993.’ How can most people buy this when it was Pres. George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican Pres. Carlos Salinas on Dec 17th, 1992, in San Antonio, Texas, that first signed it. It then needed to be ratified. Even though Pres. Bush (41) fast-tracked the initial signing of NAFTA the blame was laid on Pres. Clinton, according to the link above… and the short term memory of most Americans. A new day and a new way… worse still is if we go back and practice some of the things recognized in North America [historically] as being less than beneficial and ever more restrictive to what freedoms we have left- and the list is dwindling day by day.

When China can openly say to the world body,”We [the US] need to take fiscal steps to avoid default,” and direct the world to thoughts of its own- concern for what we desire will go out the window. The voice we once had on the world stage sounds tinny and shrill. The sounds of our taking offense to the things “We” have allowed upon ourselves [by not holding the feet of our leaders (past and current) to the fires of indignation] do stall [even momentarily] the time and day “We” will completely lose the ability to say anything against the powers to be. If either side of the aisle thinks the American people [as a whole] will just roll over and not notice “We” are the ones getting kicked and they are contributing to cause and effect- they would be wrong. To make a point of policy against, be it Obamacare or not [something claimed to be: patterned after Romney’s Massachusetts Plan, insurance friendly and affordable but adding abortion issues to be a forced taxation without representation], is to not see it as a football it was- leaving you and I in the lurch. If it is insurance to continued relevance then the toil would have been worth the pain. Pity they don’t ask us before they take such pointed actions and  the defeat affects us all. Shame on us for thinking it is just politics as usual… the time and day we are in precludes such ignorance to what is happening as being just as wrong as it was in the past- which led us to where we are today. Here is a free download [by freedom advocates] on what is coming to you very soon [this in pdf format] and either party has endorsed this. Is your town on the ICLEI list of global membership, just check here to find out.

So much for the freedom of choice… just as I see it!

What's eating you?

What’s eating you?